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Восхождение на пик Ленина. Серия 1


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Bobcat (26.06.16 01:42)

Nonhitg I could say would give you undue credit for this story.


Kasara (26.06.16 04:23)

This sounds similar to the Pocket Pikachu when I was in middle school (11-12 years ago, wow has Pokemon been around that long?). It has a step-counter, but didn’t interact with the Gameboy like this new device seems to. I used to cheat all the time by sitting in class and shaking my Pikachu for hours to get more points. The game didn’t really have an ob#e8tive&jc230; you just fed your points to Pikachu and it would make a happy animation. At least a Tomagachi or NanoPet would evolve or grow!


Latesha (26.06.16 10:43)

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Nibby (27.06.16 10:43)

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Bertha (27.06.16 17:39)

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Patch (28.06.16 17:59)

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